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Baby Toot Toot

Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs – Your child’s kindergarten bus is undergoing a permanent makeover

About Baby Toot Toot Channel

Your child’s kindergarten bus is undergoing a permanent makeover. We know that kids find it hard to adjust to new changes, but trust us, this one is a very good change and it is for the better. Their kindergarten bus is coming back in a 3D avatar! Now doesn’t that sound like a good change? But tell your toddlers to not worry, the wheels of the bus still go round and round, the wipers still go swish swish swish, and of course, the kids will still go up and down. As you guessed, although it is a new bus, the popular children rhyme remains the same and as usual, the toddlers must sing it when going to kindergarten and while coming back! Only this time, the bus will be more colorful and vibrant, and with our 3D animation, the kids will want to reply the series of compilations of kids videos that we have for them over and over!

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